GRUNDTVIG engAGE! August 2013 - July 2015

The main aim of the institutions involved in this project is to analyse the current situation of old people in the countries of the partners in order to identify adults interests, community resources and support strategies to be included into a firsthand experienced report in which ways to better integrate seniors in the active life of nowadays society to be promoted. Our intention is to advance the process of active ageing by giving the seniors the opportunity to share their knowledge, skills and experience with their peers, both at local and European level for an increasing integration in active life.The institutions partnering this project are from a wide variety of interests and backgrounds; they are different in their location – private or public sector – as well as in their size, scope and culture. This diversity will offer profoundness and extent to the project results and will add to the potential of learning from each other and for arriving at innovative approaches and responses to the subject matter of the partnership.

May, 2014 - „Youth in Action” meeting in Palermo „Social Enterprise for Better Life”

Young people will open their minds to new methods of making business, improve their skills of management, stimulating their spirit of initiative.
In order to reach these objectives, SEBL foresees the use of participative methodologies that, through the active involvement, stimulate learning by encouraging positive attitudes to change.
Participants will be engaged in activities related to promoting young people's commitment towards a more inclusive growth. In detail, activities will be workshops, role-plays, multicultural meetings, business game, case studies and visits to social enterprises and to private and public companies where work disabled people in Palermo, giving examples of social inclusion and inclusive growth.
PLACE: Palermo (Italy)
DATES OF THE EXCHANGE: 10 to 17 of May (8 days, excluding travel days)
PARTICIPANTS: 5 participants and 1 group leader per promoter.
SEBL will promote dialogue, comparison within Europe and the awareness that social enterprises are not a local resource but the solution to the social and economic problems of the whole society.

June, 2014: Seminar „Making of a European Sports Network”, Dolni Lozen, Bulgaria

The overall objective of this project is to promote the development of sustainable youth sport network and exchange of best practices by using gender traditional sport as a catalyst for transmitting life skills to children and youth in order to reduce violence and other social ills.
Highlighted the topics above, the Specific objectives are:

  • Increase the opportunities for women to approach the traditional sports
  • Develop the heritage of European traditional sports and their declination at female level
  • Favour the best practise to promote traditional games in gender dimension at international level
  • Explore the more responsive needs to women's life skills inside traditional sport and their educational followings
  • Share topics connected to women, sport, environment, education and cultural heritage.

Youth in Action Exchange : BEAP – Be European - Act with Pride!

23th to 30th June 2015


Activities and results:

Young able-bodied and disabled people, coming from different countries and cultures and from different socio-economical contexts will cooperate in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, implementing the following activities:

  • group building activities
  • deepening on the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights and case-studies on actual situations of their violation
  • open discussions for the identification of effective strategies for the diffusion of the European values in the daily life
  • workshop: the planning of the active participation to Palermo's Pride
  • management of a meeting based on peer education with the University students on the project theme
  • deepening on the role of Europe in the defense of the human rights
  • streaming of a web radio programme
  • - workshop for the creation of products for the dissemination of results: web-site, final booklet, articles