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Interactive teaching – Educational games, Outdoor activities, New technology


OID: E10185249 

Language used for the training and materials: English

Target Audience:

  • Teachers of different subjects
  • Teacher Trainers
  • Career Officers, Educational Guides and Counsellors
  • Head teachers/managers of organisations offering adult education

Description of the training event

This course has been designed for teachers of different subjects who wish to find out new interactive methods of teaching. It provides the following resources: computer and non-computer games, outdoor activities, and WEB 2.0 tools in education. Its main objective is to help teachers create a motivating and attractive learning environment.

A key driver for organising this training event is represented by the general opinion that young people are increasingly engaged with the games culture outside school rather than with the school itself. We can state that education has a lot of goals but, in fact, very few people would consider “to be fun” as one of its main goals. What we think is “no pain, no gain.” And this is exactly what we intend to improve in our training event.

Technology provides numerous tools that teachers can use in and out of the classroom to enhance student learning and help them stay engaged. As they are ‘proficient’ users of mobile devices it seems only logical to align today’s classrooms with the way our students are used to learning. But incorporating online tools into classroom experience is not always an easy task. How do we know which online tool is the best solution for our classroom need? Why would we invest time and energy in something that might end up in adding even more work?

We will try to solve this by first introducing a list of the best tools designed to support teaching and learning and then work with those which are most popular and useful. We chose them based on our teaching experience and also on that of our participants. 

Combining new technology, outdoor activities and educational games with traditional classroom instruction can without any doubts enhance the learning experience and create new opportunities for teachers and students together.


  • Previous to the beginning of the training the granted participants will be sent the detailed programme of the course along with a pre-departure support consisting of the necessary information required to reach destination and to successfully manage within the course period in the new country.
  • Participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire regarding their backgrounds and needs. Questions will refer to their interest and experience in educational games, outdoor activities, WEB 2.0 tools, their teaching backgrounds, ability of using a computer, level of course language.
  • Competences required to attend the course: Basic knowledge of main PC programmes and use of Internet, Knowledge of the language course.

Course Objectives

  • To promote and develop awareness of interactive teaching methods (educational games, outdoor activities and WEB 2.0 tools)
  • To learn how WEB 2.0 tools can support learning 
  • To experience the positive effects of interactive teaching methods in increasing students’ motivation
  • To provide multicultural environment for sharing experience related to the use of interactive methods of teachings
  • To improve communication skills by working collaboratively in transnational groups.


Expected Results

  • As a result of attending this training course, the participants will become more creative in their teaching, and they will be able to design materials that are motivating and attractive by using WEB 2.0 tools, outdoor activities and educational games. At the same time, they will gain more confidence as users of English.


  • This course will focus on the potential WEB 2.0 tools, outdoor activities and educational games have to create engaging student activities.
  • Participants are expected to play an active role. They will work in transnational groups during the course period.
  • Classes will be taught in a very practical way based on the “learning by doing” principle which is expected to stimulate attendees to make use of the newly acquired information.
  • During the last part of the course participants will share their own teaching experience related to educational games, outdoor activities and WEB 2.0 tools.
  • An evaluation questionnaire will be given to the participants to gather participants’ opinions about the training and its contents, logistic organisation, instructors, materials provided and asses to which extent the course managed to improve participants’ competences in the field of interactive and innovative teaching.

This course contains the following modules

  • Module 1: Educational games
  • Module 2: Internet Resources for education (laptops or tablets needed) 
  • Module 3: Outdoors Activities  – Interaction beyond the classroom walls
  • Module 4: Sharing experience; participants introduce their own teaching activities

Detailed information regarding the programme and preparation for the course will be sent to granted participants.

For the course activities, participants will have to bring a laptop or a tablet. (For more participants from the same school, one laptop for two people may be possible, too.)

Our team will assist the participants with the necessary information required to reach their destination and to successfully manage within the course period in the new country.

Course fee: EUR 80 per day per participant. Organisation fee – 25 Euros per person.

We provide 5, 6, 7 and 10 day sessions.

Accommodation, meals, and social programme are not included in this price. For accommodation, we recommend the most convenient possibilities, but the participants are free to choose.

The opportunities to visit the city and the neighbourhood will be introduced to the participants before the beginning of the course.

Message for the future participants:
Sharing experience will be an important part of the course. It starts with the opening session when you are kindly asked to present the main aspects of your school. Please, bear in mind that your presentation should not exceed 5 minutes. If time allows, be prepared to answer questions about your educational system and/or country.

For registration please check the sessions below and click  HERE.

(For sessions upon request, please write to us at:



06.02.2016 – 12.02.2016; Konstanz/Zurich – HELD (participants from Italy, Spain, Romania, Lithuania)

09.05.2016 – 13.05.2016, Sinaia, Romania – HELD (participants from Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania and Turkey)

11.07.2016 – 15/17.07.2016; Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Romania, Greece, Slovenia)

18.07.2016 – 22/24.07.2016; Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from France, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary, Guadeloupe)

05.09.2016 – 09/11.09.2016, Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from Greece, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Italy, and France)

07.11.2016 – 11/13.11.2016; Konstanz/Zurich – HELD (participants from Poland, Spain, Greece, Norway, Romania, and Turkey)


06.02.2017 – 10/12.02.2017; Konstanz/Zurich – HELD (participants from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, Romania)

17.07.2017 – 21/23.07.2017; Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Spain)

28.08.2017 – 01/03.09.2017; Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain)

02.10.2017 – 06/08.10.2017; Konstanz/Zurich – HELD (participants from Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Hungary and Russia)


05.03.2018 – 09/11.03.2018; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – HELD (participants from Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania)

25.06.2018 – 29.06/01.07.2018; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – HELD (participants from Finland, Spain, Romania)

16.07.2018 – 20.07.2018; Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain)

21.07.2018 – 25.07.2018; Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from Belgium, France (Reunion), Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Spain)

27.08.2018 – 31.08/02.09.2018; Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain)


04.02.2019 – 08/10.02.2019; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – HELD (participants from Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Spain)

24.06.2019 – 28/30.06.2019; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – HELD (participants from Italy, Spain, Romania)

08.07.2019 – 12/14.07.2019; Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain)

15.07.2019 – 19/21.07.2019; Oslo, Norway – HELD (France/Reunion, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Spain)

19.08.2019 – 23/25.08.2019; Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain)

14.10.2019 – 18/20.10.2019; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – HELD (participants from France, Italy, Latvia, Serbia and Spain)

28.10.2019 – 01/03.11.2019; Valletta, Malta HELD (participants from Croatia, France, Hungary, Portugal, Romania and Spain)



03.02.2020 – 07/09.02.2020; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – HELD (participants from Bulgaria, Italy, France and Spain)

20.04.2020 – 24/25.04.2020; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)

27.04.2020 – 01/03.05.2020; Paris, France – Fully booked – POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)

29.06.2020 – 03/05.07.2020; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – CONFIRMED (participants from Croatia, Italy, Spain, Poland) – POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)

06.07.2020 – 10/12.07.2020; Paris, France – CONFIRMED (participants from Portugal, Romania, Spain) – POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)

20.07.2020 – 24/26.07.2020; Oslo, Norway – CONFIRMED (participants from Greece, Spain, Portugal) – POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)

10.08.2020 – 14/16.08.2020; Oslo, Norway – CONFIRMED (participants from Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal) – POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)

28.09.2020 – 02/04.10.2020; Rome, Italy POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)

12.10.2020 – 16/18.10.2020; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)

02.11.2020 – 06/08.11.2020; Valletta, Malta POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)


01.02.2021 – 05/07.02.2021; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)

26.04.2021 – 30.04/02.05.2021; Paris, France – POSTPONED (due to Coronavirus situation)

28.06.2021 – 02/04.07.2021; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – Fully booked (participants from Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain)

05.07.2021 – 09/11.07.2021; Paris, France – due to travelling restrictions destination changed to Konstanz, Germany

19.07.2021 – 23/25.07.2021; Oslo, Norway – due to travelling restrictions destination  changed to Konstanz, Germany

09.08.2021 – 13/15.08.2021; Oslo, Norway – HELD (participants from Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Romania)

13.09.2021 – 17/19.09.2021; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – HELD (participants from Portugal, India, Lebanon, Romania, Switzerland)

27.09.2021 – 01/03.10.2021; Rome, Italy – HELD (participants from Greece, Romania, Spain)

11.10.2021 – 15/17.10.2021; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – HELD

01.11.2021 – 05/07.11.2021; Valletta, Malta – HELD (Participants from France, Portugal, and Spain)



07.02.2022 – 11/13.02.2022; Konstanz, Germany (with cultural visit of Zurich) – HELD (participants from Greece, Romania, Slovakia and Spain)

25.04.2022 – 29.04/01.05.2022; Paris, France – Fully Booked – HELD (participants from Turkey and Poland)

04.07.2022 – 08/10.07.2022; Paris, France – HELD  (participants from Croatia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal,  Romania, Spain)

18.07.2022 – 22/24.07.2022; Oslo, Norway – HELD – fully booked (participants from Austria, Czech Republic,  Finland, Greece, Hungary,  Portugal, Spain, Romania)

23.07.2022 – 27.07.2022; Oslo, Norway – HELD –  (participants from Greece, Portugal, Spain)

08.08.2022 – 12/14.08.2022; Oslo, Norway –  FULLY BOOKED – HELD (participants from  Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Spain, Romania)

10.10.2022 – 14.10.2022; Konstanz, Germany – FULLY BOOKED – HELD (participants from Belgium, Poland, Spain and Turkey)

17.10.2022 – 21.10.2022; Konstanz, Germany – HELD (participants from  Estonia, Greece and Poland )

05.12.2022 – 09.12.2022; Rome, Italy – FULLY BOOKED (Participants from Germany, Romania, Spain)


06.02.2023 – 10.02.2023; Konstanz, Germany – CONFIRMED (Participants from Greece, Romania)

24.04.2023 – 28.04.2023; Paris, France – CONFIRMED (Participants from Greece, Spain, Romania)

22.05.2023 – 26.05.2023; Oslo, Norway – CONFIRMED

19.06.2023 – 23.06.2023; Konstanz, Germany  – CONFIRMED

03.07.2023 – 07.07.2023; Paris, France – CONFIRMED (Participants from Austria, Romania)

17.07.2023 – 21.07.2023; Oslo, Norway – CONFIRMED (Participants from Spain, Romania)

07.08.2023 – 11.08.2023; Oslo, Norway – CONFIRMED

25.09.2023 – 29.09.2023; Rome, Italy – CONFIRMED

09.10.2023 – 13..10.2023; Konstanz, Germany  – CONFIRMED

06.11.2023 – 10.11.2023; Paris, France – CONFIRMED


05.02.2024 – 09/11.02.2024; Konstanz, Germany  – CONFIRMED

22.04.2024 – 26.04/28.04.2024; Paris, France – CONFIRMED

24.06.2024 – 28.06/30.06.2024; Konstanz, Germany – CONFIRMED

01.07.2024 – 05/07.07.2024; Paris, France – CONFIRMED

15.07.2024 – 19/21.07.2024; Oslo, Norway – CONFIRMED

05.08.2024 – 09/11.08.2024; Oslo, Norway – CONFIRMED

23.09.2024 – 27.09/29.09.2024; Rome, Italy – CONFIRMED

07.10.2024 – 11/13.10.2024; Konstanz, Germany – CONFIRMED

04.11.2024 – 08/10.11.2024; Valletta, Malta – CONFIRMED

“I had a great experience in Oslo, I met nice people that I definitely want to keep in touch with. The new tools we’ve experienced will help me make my classes more attractive and engaging for my students as they are so keen on technology. Many thanks to the organizers and to all the other participants for such a great time!”, Minodora – Romania

“The course was absolutely fantastic, largely due to the teacher’s ability to communicate and her dynamism and organization. Congratulations!”, Sandra Boiça – Portugal


“The course was useful to deepen my knowledge and above all to exchange experiences with colleagues of other nationalities. The teacher, very prepared, was able to manage us students from various European countries, creating a great climate of collaboration and exchange. Thank you very much.”, Monica – Italy

“A really dynamique and interesting course. I enjoyed all the week through lot off activities (alone or by group). It’ll be reinvested for my teaching. I recommend!”, Emilie – France


“It was an unique experience which I would advise any teacher to take.”, Flavia Dinu – Romania

“It was a very mental and emotional path, and I feel it will help me with my practical and social skills. It also gave me the opportunity to travel, meet European teachers like me with whom to share information. Thanks Felicia, I will never forget this great experience.”, Cecilia Ghidotti – Italy

“The participation of this course was one of the best experience in my life. We perfectly combined good learning,good practice, socialization and great time.”, Lorina Stegariu – Romania

“The course fulfilled all my expectations. The teacher trainer was very creative. I liked her warm up games. She also organized excellent outdoor activities. Bravo!”, Ela – Croatia

“It was really amazing! I loved it! All the group, colleagues from other countries and trainers, were friendly. There are no words to express the week I spent at Sinaia!!! Loved people and country and… and… Go and experience it!, Clara Santos – Portugal

“The course was very interesting and inspiring. I’ve learnt a lot about educational games, interactive methods of teaching, methods of motivating students. I’ve visited beautiful places. Felicia created a friendly atmosphere, she was very helpful all the time. I’ve come back to my school with many new ideas.”, Anna – Poland

“This course I liked it because it has created a very special atmosphere between the learners and the tutor. I felt comfortable and I enjoyed the shared activities. It’s has been an experience of growth”, Nina Raineri – Italy

“One of the very best experiences in my life, both personally and professionally speaking. A great chance to learn from other cultures, and get to know excellent teachers.”, Jorge – Spain

“Very friendly and helpful team! Very interesting content! Thank you!”, Georgios Asimakopoulos – Greece

“The course was very well organized, with a large variety of practical activities. It was highly interactive and challenging, and kept us involved at all times. The trainer’s extended teaching experience made the course very relevant to my interests and needs as a teacher. I returned home anxious to test what I learnt. I am sure that my students will love it, too.”, Mirela Rotaru – Iasi, Romania “

“Felicia is an absolutely great teacher who energizes a group in seconds. You will not just sit around in her course – you will act and learn. Thank you very much, Felicia!”, Nele – Germany

“I am totally satisfied with the course. The material is engaging both for the teachers and the students. The trainer is helpful and supportive and provides full guidance in every step in and out of the course. Meeting two cities at the same time is another extra. It is a rewarding experience both at an educational level and a personal one.”, Maria Siamidou – Greece

The course was very informative, both theory and practice. I learned a lot and I think I will use many of the things I learned during my lesson. They will be more interesting and funny.”, Kasia Wojcieszek – Poland

“Great course to learn many kind of games, I warmly recommend it! It was also great to visit two beautiful towns Konstanz and Zürich.”, Sannaleena Tihinen – Finland

“I have loved every minute! I have learnt a lot! I met interesting people! Felicia you are an inspiration! Thank you for everything! See you in another course maybe in Konstanz…”, Katerina Roumpi – Athens,Greece

“This is an experience that i’d like to repeat. thanks for all.”, Filipe Clemente

“It was the second time I participated in an Eruditus course. Both were well–organized and very intensely. I will go back to school with many useful and good ideas and lots of lovely memories.”, Annegret – Germany

“Keep up with the good work! The topic of the course contributed to enriching our teaching methods with new interactive tools. The location of the course was very good. The contact with the course provider was very helpful.”, Stella, 3rd Gymnasium of Iraklion, Creete, Greece

“An extraordinary experience and a pleasure to know so many different teachers from all over the Europe… Thanks for all :)”, Rui Jorge – Portugal