Eruditus School

Workshop: ”Adult Education”

Workshop: ”Adult Education” The meeting in Germany had as main focus drawing up a list of questions in order to find out adults’ interests, needs and wishes.The questionnaire was meant to identify: how satisfied people are with their lifestyle, if, regardless of the satisfaction related to their current activities, they are open to leading a … Read more

Seminar on “Dissemination and Promotion of a Project”

The teams (Germany, Poland, Ireland, Turkey, Romania, Norway) worked on creating a promotional plan for the project products. There were meetings with representatives of very important associations dealing with active aging in Ireland:’ Age&Opportunity’, ‘Active Ireland’, ‘National Gallery of Ireland’, ‘Age Friendly Ireland’, ‘Age Action’, ‘U3A’. We visited ‘Pavee Point’ a centre for refugees and … Read more

Workshop: “Volunteering”, August 2014.

Volunteering in Norway has reached such a high level that it has been spread to the farthest corners of the country and is engaging people of all ages. The wish to take part in volunteering activities, the way social, artistic, sports activities are organized by institutions and the sense of responsibility everyone shares are amazing! … Read more

Workshop: “Designing Ways to Research on Seniors Situation”,October 2013.

“For age is opportunity no less Than youth itself,though in another dress,And as the evening twilight fades awayThe sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.”Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Population ageing is a demographic process which affects the entire continent. The aging of the population happens in all regions and countries at different levels of extension … Read more

Launching the Grundtvig partnership: „engAGE!”

Through this project the partner institutions intend to address old people and their needs as at both local and national level there is a lack of real opportunities for them to lead an active and healthy life together with people with similar interests. They will be our target and beneficial group. The relevance of this … Read more