Eruditus School

Erasmus Plus - KA1

Why us?


Our courses will help you reach your goals

We have specialized in designing courses to meet the requirements of those attendees who have a special interest in Interactive Teaching, Sustainable Living, Internet Resources for Education, Classroom Management, and English or German language. These courses are taught in a very practical way based on the “learning by doing” principle which is expected to stimulate participants both by making use of the newly acquired information and enjoying taking part in course activities.

Moreover, if “peer learning” is to be best educational practice for students, we consider learning from other teachers all over Europe a very useful part of our training activities. This is the reason why we encourage each participant to bring his/her own teaching experience to the course so that the training sessions can become a valuable opportunity for exchanging good practice in the educational field.

Whether you want to improve your teaching and/or language skills, our courses will help you reach your goals.

We make your learning successful!

Eruditus School is an active institution which was founded by a dynamic and experienced team with extensive expertise in both teacher training and language teaching.

Our aim is to offer to international learners quality teacher training and language courses. The key staff are knowledgeable, highly trained professionals, all of them experienced in organizing interactive training and language courses using highly effective methods in a positive and dynamic learning environment. They have valuable experience in teaching as they were and still are teachers connected with everyday school reality.

Thus, they are well aware of the needs and requirements of a school and current educational trends, having a deep knowledge of today’s student generation.