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Digital Resources for Teachers – Safe Internet (Cyberbullying)


OID: E10185249 

Target Audience:

Teachers, teacher trainers, school librarians, and other education professionals

Course Description:


 The course will promote the use of digital tools which can supplement the teaching materials and which can help educators to further motivate and engage their students. These digital tools (apps, digital platforms, online games) can be integrated into the established learning process with the aim of empowering students with the mindset and skills needed for their present and future success.

But at the same time, teachers have to guide and help students to be digitally safe and to become confident explorers of the online world.

To make the most of the digital tools at their disposal, our students need to know how to make smart and safe decisions. That is why teachers should be able to explain to them the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so that they can easily and securely explore the digital world.

  Course Objectives:

  • Discuss online resources for teachers
  • Promote ways to keep safe on the Internet
  • Inform about cyberbullying and raise awareness about how it impacts children; best practices for intervention and prevention.


Detailed information regarding the program and preparation for the course will be sent to granted participants.

For the course period participants will need a laptop or a tablet. For more participants from the same school, one laptop for two people may be possible, too.

Our team will assist the participants with necessary information required to reach destination and to successfully manage within the course period in the new country.

Course fee: EUR 80 per day per participant. Organization fee – 25 Euros per person for certification and support. 

We provide 5, 6, 7 and 10-day sessions. 

Accommodation, meals, or social programs are not included in this price. We recommend the most convenient possibilities for accommodation, but the participants are free to choose.

The opportunities to visit the city and the neighbourhood will be introduced to the participants before the beginning of the course.

For registration please check the sessions below and click HERE.

For sessions upon request, please write to us at:













09.05.2016 – 13.05.2016, Sinaia, Romania – held

11.07.2016 – 15/17.07.2016; Oslo, Norway – held (participants from Greece, Germany, Portugal and Spain)

05.09.2016 – 09/11.09.2016, Oslo, Norway – held (participants from Turkey and Romania)


17.07.2017 – 21/23.07.2017; Oslo, Norway – held (participants from Greece, Hungary, Italy and Romania)

24.07.2017 – 28.07.2017; Oslo, Norway – held (participants from Italy and Romania)












16.07.2018 – 20/22.07.2018; Oslo, Norway – held (participants from Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Poland and Spain)


08.07.2019 – 12/14.07.2019; Oslo, Norway – held (participants from Bulgaria, France,  Italy, Spain)


20.07.2020 – 24/26.07.2020; Oslo, Norway – postponed

19.07.2020 – 23/25.07.2021; Oslo, Norway – due to travelling restrictions destination changed to Konstanz, Germany














13.09.2021 – 17/19.09.2021; Konstanz, Germany – CONFIRMED

27.09.2021 – 01/03.10.2021; Rome, Italy – CONFIRMED

01.11.2021 – 05/07.11.2021; Valletta, Malta – HELD (Participants from Germany, Italy, and Spain)


18.07.2022 – 22/24.07.2022; Oslo, Norway – HELD (Participants from Finland, Spain and Romania)


20.02.2023 – 24.02.2023; Konstanz, Germany – CONFIRMED

22.07.2023 – 26.07.2023; Oslo, Norway – CONFIRMED