Eruditus School

Erasmus+ Courses - KA1

Eruditus School is an active institution which was founded by a dynamic and experienced team with extensive expertise in both teacher training and language teaching.

Eruditus School would like to introduce to you the training courses specially designed for teachers, adult educators or private/public organisations’ staff according to the EU objectives within the learning mobility action of the Erasmus+ programme – KA1

What We Offer

Course 1

Interactive teaching – Educational games, Outdoor activities, New technology

Course 2

Coping with Web 2.0 technology

Course 3

English and New Technology

Course 4

Effective Classroom Management

Course 5

Deutsch Intensivkurs

what you will learn

Interactive Teaching

Using educational games and new technology in order to enhance learners motivation.

WEB 2.0 tools

Focus on the practices of young people with regard to Web 2.0 applications and how to deal with it in the classroom making use of their huge potential.

Classroom Management

For students’ academic performances increase, to early school leaving decrease and to a positive communication environment.

English / German language

Designed for teachers who want to improve their language skills and at the same time to learn how to use new technology in their teaching.

Some of our Locations in Europe

Our Experience

In the past years Eruditus has implemented a series of KA1 in-service training courses for teachers of all educational levels from various EU countries within the framework of the Erasmus Plus Programme.

“A really dynamic and interesting course. I enjoyed all the week through lot off activities (alone or by group). It’ll be reinvested for my teaching. I recommend!”, Emilie – France


“The course was absolutely fantastic, largely due to the teacher’s ability to communicate and her dynamism and organization. Congratulations!”, Sandra Boiça – Portugal


“The course was useful to deepen my knowledge and above all to exchange experiences with colleagues of other nationalities. The teacher, very prepared, was able to manage us students from various European countries, creating a great climate of collaboration and exchange. Thank you very much.”, Monica – Italy


“It was an unique experience which I would advise any teacher to take.”, Flavia Dinu – Romania


“I had a great experience in Oslo, I met nice people that I definitely want to keep in touch with. The new tools we’ve experienced will help me make my classes more attractive and engaging for my students as they are so keen on technology. Many thanks to the organizers and to all the other participants for sugh a great time!”, Minodora – Romania

Great Experience

“It was a very mental and emotional path, and I feel it will help me with my practical and social skills. It also gave me the opportunity to travel, meet European teachers like me with whom to share information. Thanks Felicia, I will never forget this great experience.”, Cecilia Ghidotti – Italy



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